Talk “Neurocity: A Revolution for Urban Living?”

WhatNext.Law held the talk “Neurocity: A Revolution for Urban Living?” on 27 September at VdA.

The event was attended and presented by Professor Paulo Morgado, from the University of Lisbon, who is also responsible for the “eMOTIONAL Cities” project. His presentation took a unique and innovative view of the future of cities, presenting the advances and research underway as part of this project that promises to revolutionise life in urban areas.

After Paulo Morgado’s presentation, the participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the topic through an enriching debate. The panel discussion included Diogo Moura, Lisbon City Council Councillor, Miguel Saraiva, CEO of Saraiva + Associados, Paulo Morgado, Assistant Professor at the University of Lisbon, and Paulo Noriega, Assistant Professor at the University of Lisbon. The discussion was skilfully moderated by Miguel Marques dos Santos, Partner at VdA.

The event “Neurocity: A Revolution for Urban Living?” provided a unique opportunity to explore the challenges and potential of a new approach to urban planning, based on data and research.

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