Conference | AI Robotics in Healthcare: A challenge for law and tech?

WhatNext.Law is pleased to invite you to the AI Robotics in Healthcare Event: A challenge for law and tech? that will take place on April 17th and 18th:
  • On April 17 we will count with the participation of some of the greatest experts, national and international, in the fields of medical law and digital law. In this session, speakers will share their insights on the use of ‘intelligent robots’ – AI-based robotics – in healthcare, namely issues such as the European legal framework on robotics and artificial intelligence, liability for damages and the risks of automation.
          This session will take place between 9am and 6pm, at the Campolide Campus of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in English
  • On April 18, a brainstorming session will take place between the main market players on the development and production of medical devices, as well as on healthcare delivery. The aim of this session will be to understand how far these new technologies have been introduced in the Portuguese scenario and what are the main challenges they are facing.
         This session will take place between 9am and 12pm, at the António de Magalhães Cardoso Auditorium, VdA, in English.
The conference will also mark the official launch of FutureHealth, the research branch of WhatNext.Law focused on new technologies and innovation in the health field.


April 17th

09h00: Opening Session

Pedro Saraiva | Nova University Lisbon

09h20: Opening Notes

Lee Andrew Bygrave and Tobias Mahler | University of Oslo

09h30: Panel I

João Leite | NOVA School of Science and Technology: “Artificial Intelligence: past, present and future”

Lee Andrew Bygrave | University of Oslo: “Smart Healthcare robotics within the security regulation matrix”

Martin Ebers  | University of Tartu: “Therapy without Therapists: Human-Robot Interaction under the EU Medical Device Regulation and the Artificial Intelligence Act”

Tobias Mahler | University of Oslo

11h00: Coffee break

11h30: Panel II

Oliver Quick | University of Bristol: “Healthcare Harm, Artificial Apologies and Robotics Redress”

Athina Sachoulidou | NOVA School of Law: “Traditional criminal law categories and AI: adapt or perish?”

Vera Lúcia Raposo | NOVA Scholl of Law: “How is ‘unexplainable’ and non-transparent AI affecting healthcare delivery?”

Helena Pereira de Melo | NOVA Law School

13h00: Lunch break

14h30: Panel III:

Leonardo Vanneschi | Nova Information Management School: “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Its Use in Oncology”

Tobias Mahler | University of Oslo: “Regulatory steps towards robot autonomy in healthcare settings”

Pedro Pitta Barros | NOVA School of Business and Economics: “The Economics of Digital Health: Opportunities and Challenges”

ModerationLee Andrew Bygrave | University of Oslo

16h00: Coffee break

16h30: Students’ panel

           Nausica Palazzo | NOVA Law School

18h30: Final remarks

Margarida Lima Rego | NOVA School of Law


April 18th

08h45: Accreditation and Welcome Coffee

09h15: Opening

Paulo Pinheiro | Vieira de Almeida

09h20: WhatNext.Law | FutureHealth

Vera Lúcia Raposo | NOVA School of Law

09h30: Innovation in Healthcare

Helena Canhão | NOVA Medical School

09h50: A view on challenges for developers

Inês Caldas Almeida | Novo Nordisk

Martin Ebers | University of Tartu

Sandra Mateus | Microsoft

ModerationFrancisca Paulouro | Vieira de Almeida

10h40: Coffee break

11h00: A view on challenges for healthcare providers

Micaela Monteiro | CUF

Nuno André da Silva | Luz Saúde

Oliver Quick | University of Bristol

Sofia Couto da Rocha | Lusíadas

ModerationPedro Fontes | Vieira de Almeida

11h50: Final remarks

Tiago Bessa | Vieira de Almeida

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