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WhatNext.Law is not directed only at an academic audience, but it is open to society. The centre will produce contents that fit within the interests of business leaders, policy makers, students from all areas of knowledge, and the general public. Producing contents that can be read and understood by everyone will ensure a greater visibility to the challenges of the future, spark the discussion and inspire change.


For students of law at different graduate levels, WhatNext.Law will provide scholarships to fund innovative legal research. The centre will launch calls, during which students can apply and submit their research plan and methodology. Feel free to apply whenever there are new scholarships available.


From theses and scholarly articles to podcasts, at WhatNext.Law we will develop and publish various types of publications. Additionally, we will regularly post contributions on our Insights page to help keeping our readers up to date with the latest developments. If you want to contribute, just let us know.


WhatNext.Law wishes to drive the discussion on emerging topics, disseminate knowledge and raise awareness amongst different stakeholders. The centre will create and develop a series of Talks with experts to discuss the pressing challenges of the cities of the future. Stay up to date with our events.


Through partnerships with public and private organisations, WhatNext.Law will identify topics of interest and offer internships that will aim to address specific legal challenges. The duration and nature of the internships may vary, depending on the problem identified. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box experience, check our internship opportunities.


WhatNext.Law organizes and hosts regular events, such as workshops, where the topics which are researched and developed can be discussed and shared with the public, especially students, researchers, lawyers, companies, and civil society. We are inviting you to join us.


WhatNext.Law wishes to encourage legal research and publications. Therefore, we will launch calls for awards on articles and students-works. Quality content will be regularly published on WhatNext.Law. Stay tuned for more information.

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